Cure Asthma 2020

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Goal: Create a global challenge to move the needle forward in finding a cure for asthma by testing alternative techniques and enabling patient groups.

Background: Asthma management has changed very little over the past 50 years. Over the past two years, isolated studies have shown that many things like living on a farm, owning a dog, or boosting immune health with vitamin D may lessen the effects of asthma.  Researchers are taking any lead they can and putting it through empirical research methods.

Work: We created an active support community where asthmatics share inspirational stories of living past the limitations of asthma. We then used our new network to launch a global research project.  Through sentiment tracking and other methods to look for qualitative similarities among stories, we can develop theories and practices that can be tested empirically.

Results: We created the most active network for those living with asthma, “Faces of Asthma” on Instagram.  In addition, we continue to gather stories from across the globe through our website to qualitatively test for additional clues to the cure.

Roles: Founder and Innovation Strategist.