Matthew Fischer

Brand Manager- Brand Strategist- Innovation Consultant - Entrepreneur


Strategic Planning

Challenge: Engage teenagers to connect with the open happiness campaign and drink coke after school.

Work: Our team developed a strategic campaign called the “Happiest Hour” to engage this demographic in a fun way.

Results: We were selected to present to Coke’s management team.

Role: Communication Strategist.

Integrative Medical Center of Santa Barbara

Brand Strategy · Innovation Strategy · Strategic Planning

Challenge: Increase revenue and get out of the red.

Work: We started by doing a full brand and business review, in which we identified inefficiencies in EMR, insurance collection, and profit centers. We had to address these problems before we could do any promotional work, or we would be taking the company into the red further.

We created a medical club, with a 3-tier monthly subscription fee. We also improved the patient intake system and insurance pre-approval processes.

Results: With improved EMR and insurance intake efficiencies, the business was out of the red within months and able to handle a higher volume of new patients. We created a solid foundation for growth and additional promotional work.

Roles: Business, Brand, and Innovation Consultant.

Surf Air

Brand Strategy · Innovation Strategy · Strategic Planning

Problem: Internal struggles on brand direction, tone, voice, and lack of brand continuity throughout company materials.

Work: Interviewed the founding team to capture their vision and ideals, conducted consumer research, created a strategic brand brief, crafted a brand touchpoint guide, and created a tone and feel for the brand. We also reviewed agency proposals to select an agency of record.

Results: Consensus from the founding team on the new direction, tone, and feel. We set the foundation for more cohesive branding.

Role: Brand Strategy Consultant.

Control A Plus

Brand Management · Brand Strategy · Entrepreneur · Innovation Strategy

Problem: Despite drastic advances in healthcare technology, asthma management systems have not changed much in the past 50 years.

Work: Invented a smart asthma management system that includes two patent-pending devices. Also designed two foundational software platforms to that can lower ER visits by over 50%.

Results: Created a sound basis for exponential change in the asthma industry to improve the lives of asthmatics drastically and lower asthma attacks and ER visits.

Roles: Inventor, Subject Matter Expert, Brand Strategist, and Founder.

Data Illustrate

Brand Management · Brand Strategy · Entrepreneur · Innovation Strategy

Problem: Although access to information has exploded in recent years, it comes with an unexpected side effect: we are remembering less and less of it. This phenomenon is known as the Google Effect.

Solution/work: To counteract the Google Effect, we use retention based formats such as infographics, motion graphics, and data visualization to capture the reader’s attention through deeper interactions with content.  Projects include infographic chapter summaries for textbooks, explainer videos for new products, and data visualizations representing environmental data to improve public health.

Roles: Founder, Talent Director, and Innovation Strategist.

Cure Asthma 2020

Brand Management · Brand Strategy · Entrepreneur · Innovation Strategy · Strategic Planning

Goal: Create a global challenge to move the needle forward in finding a cure for asthma by testing alternative techniques and enabling patient groups.

Background: Asthma management has changed very little over the past 50 years. Over the past two years, isolated studies have shown that many things like living on a farm, owning a dog, or boosting immune health with vitamin D may lessen the effects of asthma.  Researchers are taking any lead they can and putting it through empirical research methods.

Work: We created an active support community where asthmatics share inspirational stories of living past the limitations of asthma. We then used our new network to launch a global research project.  Through sentiment tracking and other methods to look for qualitative similarities among stories, we can develop theories and practices that can be tested empirically.

Results: We created the most active network for those living with asthma, “Faces of Asthma” on Instagram.  In addition, we continue to gather stories from across the globe through our website to qualitatively test for additional clues to the cure.

Roles: Founder and Innovation Strategist.

Glebe Handyman

Brand Management · Brand Strategy · Entrepreneur · Innovation Strategy · Strategic Planning

Problem: We identified a gap in the home services market: the space between Saturday chores and a construction company. We also identified a perception of dishonesty and lack of reliability in the home services industry in D.C. and northern Virginia.

Work: We created a service where no job was too small. This freed us to offer new services in the market, like DIY coaching and babyproofing. To solve the perception of dishonesty, we took cues from 1950s handyman services, which prided themselves on honesty and integrity.

Results: The company is known as a customer service company with handyman skills. The company has a good reputation on Yelp and an ever-growing base of word-of-mouth clients.

Roles: Co-Founder, Brand Manager, and Marketing Manager.


Brand Strategy · Innovation Strategy

Problem: Show proof of concept for a new electromagnetic propulsion technology.

Use Case: Position the tech as a safer form of avalanche control. Instead of relying on dangerous howitzer explosives, the machine uses the concussive force of a non-explosive projectile to trigger avalanches.

Work: Created the Avalancer brand and developed collateral materials. Then I started generating buzz by connecting with thought leaders and industry executives at the National Ski Area Association.

Results: The company captured the attention of the thought leaders of avalanche control. We are now working on plans to build and install a pilot Avalancer unit for the 2017-2018 ski season.

Roles: Brand Strategist and Innovation Consultant.

Luxury Home Magazine

Brand Management · Brand Strategy · Entrepreneur · Innovation Strategy

Challenge: Open the Luxury Home Magazine distributorship in the D.C. market.

Insight: Immediate neighbors influence 80 percent of home sales.

Tactics: We personally connected with the most influential and successful luxury realtors in the area. Then we targeted the subdivisions through direct mail of every home for sale in our magazine.

Results: We gained market share and became the #1 luxury home magazine in the DC area. Our influence helped cut the average sales time for a luxury home in the area from 1 year to 6 months.

Roles: Associate Publisher, Strategist, HR, Sales, and Researcher.

Real Estate Innovations

Goal: Improve access to digital tools for real estate agents.

Work: We created new services for agents, including photo-realistic digital renderings and 3D animations of projects under construction. We hired designers and created the processes to service clients.

Results: Improved marketing presentations for pre-sale of properties under construction and helped agents set a new baseline to modernize their look and processes.

Roles: Founder, Talent Director, and Brand Strategist.


Brand Management · Innovation Strategy

Goal: Anticipat is a novel, predictive IP Legal tech tool designed to increase the likelihood of getting a patent.  Our challenge was to bring this new technology to market.

Work: Early stage tech evaluation, competitive analysis, brand positioning, brand strategy, segmentation study, brand touchpoints study, go to market strategy, marketing plan, product offering, and sales strategy.

Roles: Brand Manager and Advisor to CEO.

Daybreak DDC

Entrepreneur · Innovation Strategy

Goal: Create meaningful resume-building opportunities for student employees and interns at Brigham Young University-Idaho.

Work: We set up a company to allow employees to work remotely on a flexible schedule. With this in place, our employees had opportunities to work with larger companies on the east and west coasts.

Results: Employees learn from their own experience and the experience of our management team and advisors.  They have more meaningful, career-building jobs while attending school.

Roles: Founder and Brand Strategist.